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Magento Ecommerce Platform

Yippee Media offers expertise in Magento eCommerce development by delivering feature rich, open-source, enterprise class solutions with high degree of flexibility and intriguing user experience.

Yippee Magento Experts Practice (YMEP) helps merchants and Solution Developers maximize their success. Our experts offer comprehensive analysis and best practice recommendations, from architecture planning through post-deployment, testing and server side optimization. By customizing and integrating Magento Platforms with CRM, ERP and BPM Solutions and other components, extensions of Magento, Yippee offers deep expertise and skills. We'll integrate, if required build and test custom modules to meet your business objectives & specific needs and offer unparalleled expertise.

We'll guide you through the pre-development phase so that you have a solid foundation for eCommerce success. With a Magento Lead Architect and other development teams, Yippee can achieve optimal coding standards, performance and upgradability from the start.

Our Specialization include:

  • Configuration of your environment
  • Customization of Platform as per UX Design
  • Magento Modules Development
  • Implementation of Magento Extensions
  • Client side and Server side Optimization
  • Insights and recommendations to improve your site's transaction rates
  • Integration of Payment Gateways
  • Development of complete Merchant specific Functionalities
  • Best practice guidance and Implementation
  • Testing & Deployment

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